Apple and Android Photo Printer

Lifeprint is the first tool that not only allows you to print live videos,
but to share those printable videos


Your Photos

Come to Life

Our unique augmented reality technology makes your photos come to life by secretly embedding a video into any printed photo. Magical? Heck yes!


All Your Photos

and Videos in One Place

The LifePrint App houses all your photos and videos in one place. No crazy-making screenshots or toggling between apps required. The LifePrint App works seamlessly with your favorite platforms.  All your photos and videos from Vine, Instagram, Camera Roll (including Apple Live” photos), Facebook, GoPro, and Twitter are housed inside the LifePrint App.


Photo Sharing


With only one click, share real physical photos with hundreds of friends, family, and fans all over the world —instantly.  Don’t worry, you can also DM your girlfriend that gym selfie with no risk of trolling. And just like your other favorite apps, you can like, comment, share, and re-share photos and videos.


Super Duper

Portable Printer

The LifePrint printer fits in your pocket. At only 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and weighing only 7 oz (think a set of keys), you can bring it anywhere. And it only takes about 30 seconds to print a picture (all via Bluetooth) and about an hour for a complete charge.


No Printer

Ink Required

No need to scour the internets to buy new toner or ink cartridge. We use special Zink photo paper that pulls the color straight from the film (similar to Polaroid).


Sticky Film

Why Not?

Put your photos anywhere! Sticky film gives you more chances to share your photos and videos around town or with friends.


High Quality

Pics and Prints

Not only do we take the quality of our hardware seriously, but of course the quality of our photos as well. We have designed unique color correcting algorithms for our app that will ensure you the highest quality print every time.  

Rich colors, high gloss, warm tones, brighter whites, sharper detail.


Top Notch

Design & Materials

Creating a product that’s super sleek and stylish is really important to us. Our team of world class designers built LifePrint to have a timeless design that fits really nicely with your other devices.


Robust Photo

Editing Suite

We provide a whole suite of photo editing tools including: brightness, focus, crop, color curve, effects, filters, size, text.  And we have lots of filters to give your photo the vibe you’re looking for.


Ruggedly Handsome

Ruggedized Cases

LifePrint is meant to be portable and you might want to protect it from outdoor or party use. These ruggedized cases were designed for functionality, tough protection, and a great look. And yes, your printer will still be able to print photos while the case is on it.


The Nitty Gritty

Details & Specs

Printer Dimensions: 5″ length x 3″ wide x 1″ thick (127mm x 76mm x 25.5mm ) – check
Printer Weight: 7 oz (200g) – check

Photo Size: 2″x3″ (50mm x 76mm)
Battery Type: Lithium Ion (USB Rechargeable)

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