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Lifeprint Photo Paper 3x4.5 - Sticky Back 20 Pack - Lifeprint Photos

Lifeprint Photo Paper 3x4.5 - Sticky Back 20 Pack


Zink Printing Paper

The Lifeprint 20-pack of film contains two 10-packs of ZINK printing paper that make it a breeze to print photos from your iPhone, and then peel and stick them anywhere you want. Now you can decorate your room and personalize your space with your favorite memories. Lifeprint zero ink printing paper requires absolutely no ink and is powered by eco-friendly ZINK technology.

Designed for Lifeprint

Our ZINK paper is designed to work perfectly with our 3x4.5 inch printer. When you use our paper with our printer, you print photos of exceptional quality and help keep your Lifeprint printer from experiencing paper problems. Get a pack of our ZINK printing paper, and start printing photos and videos from iPhone camera roll, Facebook, Instagram, saved Snaps, and Twitter.