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About Us - Stay awhile and listen...

I mean, where should we start? So much to tell. So little time.

Lifeprint started with a simple idea: “What does the photograph of the new millennium look like?” With Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat dominating the “memories” market, we realized that something important was being lost. There’s something special about holding a memory in your hand. Something that can’t be explained or replicated on a pixelated screen. Something special… and we’re losing it.

For years, printed photos have been thought of as “moments frozen in time”. While we haven’t invented a time machine for you to go back and revisit your favorite memories (not yet, at least), we’ve created the next best thing: a user-friendly, Augmented Reality photo printer that makes printed photos come to life before your eyes.

How Lifeprint Works - The Printer Chooses the Wizard.

Magic would be too arrogant a word, but we tried our best to make it seem that way. We needed to make our technology easy to buy and use, so that’s what we did. All you need is a Lifeprint wireless, inkless photo printer, our augmented reality Hyperphoto (TM) software App, our sticky back photo paper, and a Lifeprint-compatible smartphone (iPhone or Android).

Select a photo, video, or GIF on your phone, and hit print — super simple. After the photo quickly prints, view it through the Hyperphoto viewer on your phone, and watch the image come to life in your hands.

The software app collects and organizes photos and videos from your phone’s camera roll, making them easy to access and send through social media to other Lifeprint users. Once they have your prints, and they can watch them come to life — and you can do the same with theirs!

The “Magic” of Lifeprint

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This explains how people feel when they first experience our advanced augmented reality technology that makes printed photos come alive. It’s like magic!

No matter who you are — or what you choose to include in your GIFs, photos, and videos — we offer you a way to make them highly shareable and more visually captivating than still prints. This has been our mission since day one, and is a mission we continue to innovate.