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Lifeprint 3x4.5 Hyperphoto Printer for iPhone & Android - WHITE


Instant Photo Printer

Welcome to an awesome invention for printing photos, videos, and GIFs that come to life before your eyes: the Lifeprint 3x4 Hyperphoto printer for iPhone. With our redesigned instant photo printer, augmented reality printing is bigger, better, and broader than before.

We redesigned our 2x3 Hyperphoto printer so you can instantly print 3x4 Polaroid size photos. When it comes to enjoying the visual details of your prints, bigger is definitely better. Our latest instant photo printer adds an extra inch of length and width to every image that you print.


Thanks to improved color algorithms, our 3x4 printer also adds greater color clarity to your prints. Whether you’re creating prints of natural scenery, images of urban life, or events from a friend or family member’s latest party, our technology makes the colors in your images pop.

After you see the dramatic results of your prints, you’ll surely want to share them with others. We’ve made this easier by creating a printer that lets you share by using WiFi, in addition to Bluetooth. Use our new, built-in WiFi chip to share prints with Lifeprint users around the world.

Order Today 
Each day brings new memories to capture, and nothing lets you record them quite like our instant photo printer that comes with five sheets of sticky backed photo paper. Need a photo printer for iPhone? Our printer has you covered. Order it today to create larger, sharper, and more shareable prints!

What's Included:

  • 3x4.5 Hyperphoto Printer
  • 5 Pack of ZINK Paper
  • 12” USB Charging Cord
  • User Manual


NOTE: Please visit to make sure Lifeprint works with your device before purchase.


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