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Lifeprint Photo Paper 3x4.5 - Sticky Back 40 Pack - Lifeprint Photos

Lifeprint Photo Paper 3x4.5 - Sticky Back 40 Pack


ZINK Zero Ink Photo Paper

The Lifeprint 40-pack of ZINK zero ink printing photo paper has four 10-packs of film that make it simple to print photos from your smartphone. The paper’s sticky back makes it easy to place your photos anywhere and decorate your space with great memories. Decorate your room and other spaces with your favorite augmented reality prints, and watch them come to life with our app.

Designed for Lifeprint

Lifeprint brand zero ink photo paper is specially designed for our 3x4.5 inch printer. By using our zero ink photo paper instead of another brand, you can print higher quality photos and help keep your portable printer from experiencing paper jams. Powered by ZINK Technology, our paper is easy to use, requires no toner, and is environmentally friendly. Order a pack today!



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