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10 Creative Places to Stick Your Lifeprint Photos

10 Creative Places to Stick Your Lifeprint Photos

Lifeprint Photo Paper Sticky Back

Sticky Back Photo Paper

If you ask us, everything about the Lifeprint instant photo printer is ultra cool. But one of the coolest features is our unique kind of printing paper. With our zink sticky back photo paper, you can decorate pretty much anything you own with your best Lifeprint snapshots. Just print out your fave photos, peel off the protective backing, and stick ‘em wherever your creativity takes you.

Once you’ve got your Lifeprint instant photo printer and our sticky back photo paper, you’re ready to get stickin’. Here are some fun, creative places to stick your favorite instant prints.

1. On Your Lifeprint Printer

Want to give your printer a new look? Don’t wait for a new printer design. Instead, make up your own! With our sticky back photo paper, you can instantly give your printer a hip facelift. Plus, every time you take out the printer for more action, you’ll be reminded of the great photos you’ve captured and get inspired to snap more. Here’s an idea: deck out the printer with one for your very best prints, and challenge yourself to hit that pinnacle of photographic glory every time.

 2. Inside a Celebratory Card

Celebratory cards are a great way to commemorate occasions with friends and family, but you can only get so personal when you’re picking out a premade card from Hallmark. Take your birthday cards to the next level by sticking a Lifeprint photo inside. You know what they say — a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine how touched your friend will be when they open their card to find a photo of the time you went surfing in California, or saw the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in NYC.

Literally any type of greeting card could be a thousand times creatively better if you stick a photo inside. Graduation, anniversary, wedding — you name it, you can create a Lifeprint pic that has a theme for it.

3. The Dash of Your Vehicle

Lots of adventures begin by just hopping in your car. Why not pay a little homage to your vehicle with some Lifeprint photos? From bumper stickers to license plate covers, there are already a million ways people use cars to express themselves. Your Lifeprint photos give you a new way to make your car uniquely yours.Our sticky back photo paper lets you turn your dashboard into a mini gallery of everywhere you’ve been.

Use your Lifeprint instant photo printer to print photos of all the new places your car has taken you. That way, every time you get in your car, you’ll feel inspired to have some new adventures on the road, even if you’re just driving to school or work.

4. In the Pages of a Creative Scrapbook

Sharing is caring, and that goes for photos, too. If you use your Lifeprint instant photo printer to take lots of pictures with friends, spread the love with our sticky back photo paper. Print out your best snapshots of you and your buddies, and stick them in a creative scrapbook, where you can return to the memories and relive them as often as you please. Scrapbooks are a great way to remember the good times you’ve had — and they may even inspire some new adventures!

5. Mini Clothespin Pic Display

If you’re looking to get creative with your photo placement, here’s a project for you. You can find a mini clothespin pic display on Etsy or a similar site with hip, creative ideas for photo decor that put your photos on prime display. Clip your Lifeprint photos across the clotheslines, then hang them on a lonely wall to create a great conversation piece for the next party at your place.

Once you’ve hung up your mobile, switch on the ceiling fan or open a window. The breeze will send your new decoration spinning, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic. Once you make your first mini clothespin pic display, you might want one for nearly every room. Just sayin’.

6. On Notebooks & Binders

When it comes to decking out school-themed stuff, branch out from your locker and use notebook and binder covers as canvases for your sticky back photos. Need some inspiration to finish homework? Glance through the fun-filled Lifeprint photos on your school materials. There’s no better motivation for finishing that essay than thinking about all the play you can have when you’re done.   

Lifeprint photos are also great for accenting the inside of notebooks and binders, not just their covers. Say you’re a creative who keeps a design journal that’s inspired by photo content. You can place your most inspiring photos in the book to supplement design notes and ideas. One thing is sure: if a picture is worth a thousand words, you’ll be saving tons of space in your journal by using actual prints instead of just describing how they look.

Lifeprint sticky back photo film

7. The Back of Your Laptop

I you have a laptop you love using, chances are you spend a lot of time using it on the go. This means that the back of your laptop can be a social canvas for showing your unique sense of photo design and placement. You’ve seen plenty of laptops wrapped in popular band, logo, and meme-style stickers. When you put your personal photos on the back of your laptop, you’ve got an instant original.

8. Inside a School Locker

When you’re in school for eight hours a day, it can be tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have your own locker, our sticky back photo paper can help provide a little relief. Turn the inside of your locker into a haven of fun memories by sticking all of your favorite Lifeprint photos inside. When you open up the locker in between classes, you’ll get a little rush of social energy — and a little more motivation to make it to the weekend.


9. In a Large Picture Frame

Putting pictures in a picture frame seems obvious, but hear us out. With Lifeprint’s sticky back photo paper, you have more possibilities on your hands than just sticking a photo in a frame. Get yourself a big picture frame, one that can fit way more than just one Lifeprint photo. Then, stick a variety of photos into the frame.

You can create all sorts of photo collages that are more attention grabbing to look at than a single, solitary photo. Put all of the pictures from your weekend at the beach into one big frame, or create a collage of you and a friend. This kind of creation would make a great gift.

10. On Your Fridge, of Course

Ah, those old refrigerator magnets. Everyone has one or two (or forty) things pinned on their fridge. It’s time to replace the mail, clippings, and kitschy magnets with something better — your Lifeprint photos.

If you’re anything like us, you make a lot of trips to the fridge, so you might as well give yourself something fun to look at while you’re there. If you get bored with your selection of fridge photos, just peel them off and replace them with some new sticky back photo paper prints. Your fridge will never be cooler (pun intended).

Get Your Instant Photo Printer

While these are some of our favorite places to stick Lifeprint photos, the best part of our sticky back photo paper is that you can put the stickers wherever you want. The only thing standing between you and your newly-decorated stuff? You need a Lifeprint instant photo printer, plus the printer paper available on our website:


If you’re lucky enough to already have our instant photo printer, order packs of our sticky back photo paper. With all of these places — and more — to stick your Lifeprint memories, you’ll need to keep plenty of zink photo paper on hand. And remember: To get the best-looking Lifeprint pics, you need Lifeprint brand photo paper. Like the printer itself, simply nothing else will do when you want the best augmented-reality photographs. Snap on!

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