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Creating the Perfect Holiday Mood Board with Lifeprint

Creating the Perfect Holiday Mood Board with Lifeprint

Create Your Holiday Mood Board with Lifeprint

If you're anything like me, you know how hard it can be to start the Season of Giving off on the right foot. Too often, the days just zip by without notice. Suddenly, it's late December, the discount home goods store is closed, and you've just barely gotten around to flipping the calendar.

And that is exactly why holiday mood boards exist.

A mood board is simply a stylized arrangement of images, found materials, and text that invoke a particular feeling in the viewer. And it’s the perfect place for ideas to spruce up the holidays.

Creating the Perfect Holiday Inspiration Boards

A holiday inspiration board can help you clarify your style and make it easy to revamp old traditions or adopt new ones. Here’s what a good mood board can do for your holiday planning.

Spur Your Creativity
The hardest part of a project is getting started. But once you've got that one good idea, the leg work is essentially done.

Around the holidays, try to notice different sights, sounds, smells, and words that you come across. Maybe it's the scent of nutmeg in your favorite coffee shop, a string of origami cranes hanging from a windowsill, or a garland wrapped around your friend's banister. Then write down your observations in your phone or a notebook.

Collect Appealing Decorative Elements
It’s also helpful to collect flat objects, stickers, decorative tapes, or patterns that appeal to you. Scraps of wrapping paper, decorative cards, pieces of colorful string: these found objects can usually be lying around everywhere.

Once you have a collection, you can mix and match different visual styles together. Scrap what you don't like and keep building your special holiday style.

Capture Unique Images
Now that you have some ideas floating around, get out there and capture images or videos of things that you'd like to try this season. Check out local coffee shops, markets, and other locations in your community and record what inspires you.

Once you've captured these images and videos, print them out using your Lifeprint photo and video printer. It's easy to instantly print out pics as you snap them or sync them to print simultaneously at home.

Using Lifeprint's Hyperphoto technology, you can even print live photos and videos stored on your device. Consider using sticky-back printing paper so that it's easy to mix and match photos together on your holiday inspiration board.

Find the Right Board
Be on the lookout for flat boards that visually appeal to you. Keep in mind that sizes and materials that you'd prefer to work with.

Memo boards, small cork boards, and thick stock can all make great working surfaces. You can also use scraps of wood that have been sanded and smoothed; they’re sturdy and can always be scraped off for a fresh start.

Create Your Board
Here’s the fun part! You've got your ideas, your memo board, and decorative elements ready.

Before you glue anything down, try placing different visual elements side by side to see how they look together. Once you think you've found the right fit, snap pictures so you can keep track of your progress.

Don't be afraid to get a little crazy!  Do something totally unexpected and see if it works. It helps to take a break for a minute, then come back to the board to see how you feel about it.

Finally, glue it all together – congratulations, you have a holiday inspiration board!


Did you know that Lifeprint can transform your other crafts, too? With integrated video, any memory you have on your phone can be transformed into a multi-media display of creative wizardry.

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