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Super Easy Scrapbook Ideas - A Guide to Making Your Own Unique Scrapbook

Super Easy Scrapbook Ideas - A Guide to Making Your Own Unique Scrapbook

A Beginner's Guide to Amazing Scrapbooks
You've probably seen pictures of stunning scrapbooks on Instagram. Or perhaps your neighbor is an avid scrapbooker. You love what you see, but you don't know how to get started! Or maybe you are a beginner at scrapbooking, and you want to take your scrapbooking to the next level. This scrapbooking guide will provide some simple and fun scrapbook ideas to help you make a fantastic scrapbook.

The best way to start your scrapbooking project is to decide on the theme first. You will need to gather decorations, souvenirs, and, most importantly, photos related to your topic. 

Photos are so important for personalizing your scrapbook. Sadly, they are often a pain to work with. They need to be printed out in high quality and glued or taped on to the page. Corner bracket stickers, also called photo brackets, are often recommended for photos, but they are so hard to use! It is almost impossible to get them appropriately placed so that the photos lie flat.

It is much easier to create scrapbook quality pictures using Lifeprint.  Lifeprint can be used to print photos directly from your phone onto sticky paper.  Lifeprint stickers are so simple to add to your scrapbook! Lifeprint uses Zink photo paper that not only produces vivid pictures, but are environmentally friendly.

You can either use Lifeprint to print out photos you've already taken, or you can start taking new photos for your project. And if you need some photography tips, check out this guide on how-to to take stunning photographs.

Here are a few scrapbook ideas and suggestions for how to use your photos to create fresh and creative scrapbooks.

Friendship Scrapbook

Friendship scrapbooks are popular and with good reason! Friendship should be celebrated! (And a Friendship scrapbook makes a great birthday gift for your friend too!)

It is so easy to get caught in a rut, though, and only use photos from significant events. But what about the day-to-day? Your best friend is there every day- not just at concerts, birthdays, and weddings. The everyday moments are often forgotten, but they are the foundation of a friendship. What if you committed to photographing these everyday moments? 

You might find it easiest to print out the best ones with Lifeprint as you take them. Then, when you start to build the scrapbook, you can go back and choose others to fill out your page spreads. You will have an incredible collection of photos celebrating your friendship. And with Lifeprint, it is super easy to print out two copies, so you can make a scrapbook for you and your best friend. You will find scrapbooking effortless with Lifeprint's sticky-backed paper, so you can make two scrapbooks very quickly.

Big Goal Scrapbook

Are you training for a marathon? Or even a 5K? Are you learning guitar? Or teaching yourself to cook? Challenge yourself to take a picture every time you work on this project. You will have a million pictures of you at the finish line, but the photo of you the first time you successfully ran around the park is just as important to celebrate! Take a picture of your new cake pans or drawing pencils. Take another when you've accomplished your goal. The wear and tear on your tools tells the story of your hard work too! 

The story of your progress is just as crucial as your achievement of the final goal. As cliched as it is, your scrapbook should document the journey, not just the destination. Use your Lifeprint as you go, and by the time you achieve your goal, you will have a set of excellent photographs to serve as the foundation of your scrapbook.

Life in Your City Scrapbook

Have you ever thought about making a scrapbook about the city you live in? Whether you've moved cities every few years or lived in the same town your entire life, documenting life in your hometown today will create a memento you will enjoy decades from now. 

You might be able to find a published photobook of your city or postcards of the most scenic spots. But you want your scrapbook to reflect your life. What are your favorite places and things to do? As you go about your day, snap a few photos! That coffee shop you go to every morning? The park where you walk your dog? These are all moments in your life that you will want to memorialize in your scrapbook. These are vital pieces of your life that won't be documented by anyone else. You won't find a picture of you reading under your favorite tree in a book about your city. You will find it so rewarding to make your own scrapbook using your own photos!

The key to making this scrapbook stellar is to take lots of photographs. A picture of you at the coffee shop might be mundane. But an entire page of you getting coffee at the coffeehouse over the course of the year? That is something special!

Don't be afraid to take too many photos! Curate the best ones using Lifeprint. When you find one that is exceptional- perfect light, perfect angle, perfect hair- then print it out immediately with Lifeprint.

Scrapbooking with Lifeprint

If you use Lifeprint to document your life, you will find that your scrapbooks will be on the next level. Lifeprint makes it effortless to capture every moment of your life, not just the major ones. Lifeprint is simple to connect to your phone so that you can spend your time capturing memories, not doing technical support. The sticker-back photos are so simple to add to your scrapbook... they are truly a gamechanger. Get Lifeprint today and get to work on creating a one of a kind scrapbook!
Check out Lifeprint Here to amp up your scrapbooking game!
Lifeprint is also available on Amazon and from Apple internationally. 

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