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Print Travel Photos Instantly with Lifeprint

Print Travel Photos Instantly with Lifeprint

Taking pictures while you travel is pretty much considered human nature at this point. For decades, people have been capturing memories with photographs whenever they visit new, interesting places. It makes sense — once you come back home, it’s nice to have all of those photos as a reminder of the good times you had on your journeys.

You’ll probably have plenty of vacation photos stored on your phone and upload them to your favorite social sites, but should the pictures just stay in digital form? We don’t think so. It may sound a little old fashioned, but there are some great reasons to print your vacation photos, and some reasons why printing them with Lifeprint totally makes sense.

Lifeprint print travel photos

1. Hold Memories in Your Hands

Now that we’re in the digital age, everything (and we mean almost everything) is online. This is mostly a good thing, but it means that there’s been a sharp drop in the number of physical photos in our lives. Holding a physical photo in your hand can be way more satisfying than seeing it on a screen.

With Lifeprint, you can print photos instantly, no matter where you are. Our printers are pocket-sized, so you can easily take them with you. If you’re someone who likes reminiscing about good times, this is great news. You can print instant photos from iPhone or Android and start getting nostalgic immediately. So what if you just returned from your trip yesterday?

When you return home, you’ll appreciate your physical, printed photos from Lifeprint. The photos that are printed on our sticky-back photo paper can be hung on your wall, fridge, or somewhere else to create a fond, everyday reminder of your special trip. With our sticky-back photo paper, you can put your prints wherever you please. Want to cover your laptop cover with travel photos? Go ahead. Wanna stick ‘em at your desk? Go wild. The sky’s the limit.

lifeprint print travel photos

2. Great for Travel Journaling

If you’re someone who’s into travel journaling, being able to print photos instantly will fit right into your routine. There’s no better way to decorate your latest journal entry than sticking photos from your travels right into the journal.

It can be hard to describe in words exactly what a famous landmark or another special scene looked like, but now you don’t have to. With Lifeprint, your photos will be printed on our super convenient sticky-back paper. Just print, peel, and stick your photos right into the journal! You know what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

3. Send Your Prints Around the World

Lifeprint is different than your plain ol’ portable photo printer. Why? Because we’re social, for one. If your friend, your mom, or your great uncle Herbert also has a Lifeprint printer, then you’re in luck — you can print photos instantly to their printer, no matter where they live.

Do some of the people you share photos with live far away? Doesn’t matter! Imagine how excited your friends and family will be when their printer springs into action, and a photo of you hiking in Hawaii pops out. Plus, your friends and family can follow your Lifeprint photo feed with our app. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family while you’re away. And it’s a great way to assure your mom that you haven’t been eaten by sharks on your trip to the beach.

4. Make Sure You Got the Best Shot

It’s happened to all of us. You take a picture on your phone, but when you look at it later, you realize that it’s… not so great. But the moment has long passed, and now all you have to remember it by is a lackluster photo. Don’t let this happen to you. When you print instant photos from iPhone or Android with Lifeprint, it gives you time to slow down and think about the photo you just took.

If you print a photo and immediately notice it’s terrible, you still have time to redeem yourself before you leave the scene of the photo! You may only have one chance to get the perfect shot of the Statue of Liberty or the Pyramids, so don’t blow it. You know what they say: “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”.

Lifeprint photo printing travel photos

5. Make New Connections

One of the best parts of traveling is the opportunity to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t. Making friends at travel destinations is super fun, but the relationships can be fleeting. You both go your separate ways, and the memories of the friendship fade. But not anymore.

With Lifeprint, you can print photos instantly of you and your new buddies hanging out. It’s way more personal than just tagging them on social media — it’s a physical embodiment of the time you had together. Your new friends will have physical photos as reminders of the crazy adventures you had together. And who knows? Those photos may even spur a lifelong friendship. Whether you write your phone number on the back of the photo is up to you.

6. Turn Them Into Souvenirs

If you’re the kind of person who likes to bring back souvenirs from your travels for folks at home, then you know the struggle of trying to find souvenirs that are truly cherished. Does anyone really need another keychain or magnet from somewhere they’ve never been? Probably not. A better way to show someone you were thinking of them while you were away is giving them a souvenir photo you printed while traveling.

We’re not talking about the generic, overpriced postcards you can buy from a tourist trap. We’re talking about personal photos — one-of-a-kind masterpieces made by you and only you! It’s way more interesting to give your family and friends an exciting photo memory from your trip instead of some tchotchke that a thousand other tourists bought.

7. Spend Less Time Sorting Through Photos Later

You know what’s great? Travel photos. You know what’s not great? Sorting through the countless photos you took, trying to figure out which ones are best. Having the ability to print photos instantly on your trip can help eliminate the post-vacation headache of sorting through your pictures. As soon as you take a shot you love, print the photo instantly. Then, when you return home, you’ll already have a stack of your favorite photos. Plus, all of the photos you print from your Lifeprint app are saved to your Lifeprint story, so you can find them super easily.

8. No Dealing with Photo Printing Services

If you’ve ever tried to use a photo service to print your photos, you know it can be a real slog to go through all of the photos, upload them, pick out dimensions, etc. But not with Lifeprint.

With the Lifeprint system, you can print instant photos from your iPhone or Android immediately — no worrying about paying for photos or delivery times. Get your photos when you want them: now! And don’t even get us started on trying to print photos from your home printer. That’s a whole other nightmare.

Mobile printing is a Travelers Must-Have.

Being able to print photos instantly with Lifeprint is a game changer for travel photos. It lets you share your memories in a way that isn’t possible through the usual options. Between sending photos to your friends back home and sharing memories with new friends you make while traveling, you can strengthen your relationships all over the globe. Plus, you can avoid dealing with photo services and sorting through hundreds of pictures after your trip is over.

The Lifeprint family of products will redefine how you think about travel photography. Our portable printers, sticky-back printer paper, and app work together to bring your photo-taking experience to a whole new level. Next time you’re planning a trip, don’t forget to pack your Lifeprint portable photo printer (and lots of sticky-back paper). You can thank us later.

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