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Instantly Print Vacation Photos While Traveling with Lifeprint

Instantly Print Vacation Photos While Traveling with Lifeprint

Print Photos From iPhone and Android

Now that we live in the age of smartphones, it’s easy to snap pictures wherever we go. Think about it: Back in the day, when your parents wanted to take photos, they had to lug around bulky cameras and worry about things like developing film. It was way more difficult to show off your adventurous vacation photos to friends before you could simply put them on Facebook.

Even though smartphones make it convenient to share photographic memories, Lifeprint thinks there’s something missing. Remember the feeling of holding a physical photo in your hand?

There’s something special about having memories you can cherish physically. So, we decided to combine the best of both worlds, pairing the convenience of smartphone photos with the sentiment of printed photos. It’s never been so easy to print photos from an iPhone or Android device.

Easy to Use, Easy to Share

No one wants to mess with complex technology when they simply want to print a digital photo. That’s why we made it super easy to print photos from iPhone or Android. First, record your video or photo. Then, use our app to select a cover still to print. We’ve added tons of filters and editing tools, so let your inner artist out! Then, print and share your photos with the touch of a button.

If your friends and family get hooked up with Lifeprint, you can print your photos to their printers, too. So, while you’re off scaling the Alps, you can assure your mom that you’re having the time of your life — all with the touch of a button on your phone.

That’s great, but what makes Lifeprint photos different than your standard, printed photos, or even other devices that let you print photos from your iPhone? It’s all in our augmented reality Hyperphoto app.

Bring Your Pictures to Life

Know what your parents’ old cameras couldn’t do? Bring videos and GIFs to life. At Lifeprint, we want you to be able to share all of your best vacation memories. Sure, you could just take a picture of your recent surfing lessons in Hawaii, but imagine if you could share a video of the action, too?

With our Hyperphoto software app, your video stills can come to life. Just view the physical photo through the app by holding the photo in front of your smartphone, and your videos, GIFs, Snap stories, and Instagrams start moving like magic, showing action, like you were watching it live.

Our app can do more than just view photos. Whenever you take a photo, our app organizes them into collections, making it ultra simple to share them on social media. It’s like a virtual photo album! No more scrolling through your endless, unorganized camera roll. Hyperphoto makes it simple to keep all your many types of photos in their own tidy places.

Portable Printers to Go Where You Go

It used to be a pain to print photos. You had to wait forever to get film developed or hassle with complicated camera settings. With Lifeprint, you can print photos from an iPhone wherever you go. Our printers are compact — no bigger than your phone itself — so you can toss it in your carry-on to cherish memories on the go. Our Hyperphoto printers can print in two sizes: 3 x 4.5 inches or 2 x 3 inches. Once you print photos from an Android, you can easily stow them in your carry-on.

Picture this: You’re on a solo trip to Paris, and you meet a cutie at a local cafe. The two of you take a selfie together. With your Hyperphoto printer, you can print the picture in seconds. Write your phone number on the back, and you can be sure your sudden crush will never forget you.

What better way to cement the new friendship on your travels than with a real life photo? Your new friends will love it when you whip out a physical reminder of that night in Barcelona that you’ll never forget, especially when they see the photo come to life with our app.

Memories You Can Hold in Your Hands

After you get back from vacation, your Lifeprint photos will keep your memories alive and well. Our photo paper is sticky on the back, making it super easy to decorate your living space in interesting ways. Just peel off the backing, and you can instantly turn your walls, laptop, guitar case, or anything else into your own a trip down memory lane.

If you’re into retro, you can use Lifeprint photos the old fashioned way. The sticky backs are ideal for scrapbooking, minus all the messy glue. They’re also a great way to create a one-of-a-kind gift for your bestie or partner. You can print a photo from an Android and display it in a customized frame that they could showcase to celebrate your relationship. Every time they look at the photo, they’ll be reminded of good times (or so we hope).

At Lifeprint, we want you to remember the crazy days and nights you spent on vacation like they were yesterday. With our augmented reality technology, you can relive the memories like never before. Gone are the days of cameras only creating still photos. Now, you can relive every recorded moment when you want.

Vacation With Lifeprint

Before you set out on your next vacation adventure, try out our printer and Lifeprint brand sticky back photo paper, and learn how easy it is to print photos from your iPhone or Android that are photos you hold in your hand and events you can relive with the Lifeprint app. Happy travels!

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